Oregon. Autumn vocation 2018. Part 2

I’m very slow when it comes to editing other than food photos. Life goes forward. We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and so ready for Christmas spirit to come. Now vocations in Oregon seems a bit far, but I still want to continue talking about it.

In the first part I’ve started to tell about our day at the ocean and now we will get there.

As I told before it was the only rainy day and it comes out to be perfect to see the ocean. After visiting Astoria, we’ve continued our way to the beach.

We walked around the Cannon Beach and the nearby city. Despite the weather, there were quite a lot of people and even a wedding ceremony at the beach.

Then we decided to go further along the ocean shore. Once we got to the car the rain has started. Heavy rain. But we still wanted to see more and we did.

To be continued.

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