Oregon. Autumn vocation 2018. Part 1

This year is the first time we went to vocation. Our friends invited us to mushroom hunting in Oregon. For some Americans, it sounds weird, because you can buy mushrooms so what’s the big deal?

Well, for me is like a time travel, so many memories it brings back to me. I do not even mention that you can not buy wild mushroom so flavorful and not costing you an arm and a leg here in Dallas area. When I was younger and lived in Minsk we spent quite a lot of time camping with my parents and family friends during the warm month. It was time to go fishing for my father, swimming for me and watch for both of us to ma mother. Also, we did a lot of mushroom hunting and wild berries picking as a family.

I remember one particular vacation trip with our family friends when we did all these things every day for two weeks and, of course, eat them. We had fried chanterelles with mashed potatoes as a main course and wild blueberries with sour cream and sugar as our favorite dessert during those days. Boletus mushrooms were the rarest and the most precious and were incredible pickled or fried. With a good hunting during the season, you are covered the whole year and can impress your guests with a jar of beautiful pickled treasure.

We had it all here, except blueberry dessert, but we’ve found some berries in the forest and eat them as they were. Tart, tangy and delicious.

But we have only 5 days in Oregon and there are so much to see so some of us didn’t want to spend the whole vacation in the forests. Of course, we had to see the ocean. On day 3 we’ve decided to go there. The weather was perfectly cloudy and the rain began after lunch. Do you think we turned back? Oh, no! We rush forward with no fear, we were well equipped for such weather. Probably, we could see more with the sunny day, but the ocean was so gorgeous.
But first, we’ve made a stop in Astoria. Only one little stop gave us so many emotions.

We’ve heard them right away but didn’t realize at first who was making these noise. We rush to the pier and saw them.

They were so beautiful, lazy and loud. We were overwhelmed with such amount of charm. But we made as many photos as we could, pulled ourselves together and went back to the car. The Ocean was waiting for us.

To be continued.

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